Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Your Defining Statement

I want to become the best Me I can be in this moment.

This has been my Defining Statement for several years.

What does it mean?  For one thing, it means I like myself.  Oh, I don’t like the outcome of all the decisions I make, and I am far from my ideal self.  But it means I recognize that I, like you, have a unique opportunity in the world, in history, and in the lives of the people I know:  I can achieve and be the person I am uniquely positioned to be.  Nobody else can be Lydia.  They may try to be like me, and may choose to emulate me.  But they cannot be me.

My defining statement means that I choose not to try to be someone else, or like someone else.  I choose to seek out opportunities unique to my life, and pursue them; to help people where I can and let go of things I cannot change; to improve myself daily, through physical, mental, or spiritual effort; to see the positive in my life and work to eliminate the negative. To focus on what is important and let go of things that are not meaningful to me.

All this is encompassed in my defining statement.  As short as it is, the words carry the meaning of all these ideas, and more.  It is an emotional statement for me, and one I believe is achievable.  My statement isn’t that I want to wipe out all the negative in my past.  It is an evolving, growing statement, that takes me from where I stand right now into a future of potential.

What is your Defining Statement?

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