Thursday, December 22, 2016

One Outfit to Rule Them All

You know those experiments that people try and other people go, “Ew, I could never do that”?  Well, I want to do one.  This has actually been brewing for a little while in my brain, and I know it makes me entirely weird, as a woman, to want to do this.

Earlier this year, I was on when I came across the “Last Shirt on Earth” campaign. ( Why is it they always come out with cool stuff for guys first?)  But the idea of one shirt that you can wear forever was more than appealing to me.

While most people think they wear something different every day, the majority of Americans have a uniform.  For some people, it’s a T-shirt and jeans, for others, slacks and a button-up, and for others, a full suit.  I’m in the T-shirt and jeans category.  I have a friend who seems to wear a completely different, super-cute outfit every day, and while I admire that, I just know that’s not how I’m ever going to roll.  I am too busy playing Minecraft with Kiwi friends to spend that much time thinking about clothes.

If we wear the same type of clothing every day, why not just wear the same clothes?

“Eww, that’s so nasty!  What about germs and diseases and dirt and…”

I sit in an office all day.  Seriously.  All day.  Like, 10-hour days.  So how am I supposedly going to get dirty?  I shower in the morning, put on clean clothes, and change out of my "work clothes" in the evening, usually into some kind of lounge wear, unless I’m going somewhere with my husband, in which case I actually might dress up a little.  So why not wear the same jeans and T-shirt every day for a week?

Shocking fact #1: I wore the same shirt and sweater every day last week and nobody at work noticed.  Scary, right?

If you haven’t seen the phenomenal infographic showing Steve Jobs’ wardrobe progression from 1998 to 2011, try Googling ‘Steve Jobs wardrobe.’  As a guy who was worth over $10 Billion when he died, he had every right to wear the most expensive clothing, but chose to keep his focus free for his passion, instead of being concerned about how unique his daily outfit was.

I am not busting on people who make a concerted effort to wear a completely different outfit every day.  Jessi Arrington gave a great TED talk on shopping thrift stores and travelling with minimal items.  Here’s a girl who makes bolder fashion choices than 99% of the US population, and I admire her pursuing her passion.

It simply isn’t my passion.

Shocking fact #2: The idea of having only 6 items hanging in my closet makes me a little giddy.  In a happy way.

So here's the question: does the idea of wearing the same clothes every day freak you out?  Or does that seem like a welcome break from having to make a decision before your brain is functioning in the morning?

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