Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How We Should Live

Disclaimer: These are things I really like.  I think they are a better alternative to what they would replace.  I do not have science to back this up, just lots of stuff I’ve read and, in some cases, rubbed between my fingers.

We should live...

  • On radiant heated floors – If you struggle with allergies, like Cat Girl, radiant heat is a super preventative way to avoid airborne allergens.  It also doesn’t dry out the air like forced air systems do.  Hurrah!  Did we mention no more cold-floor-on-feet?
  • As minimalists – Less consumption, less distraction, more time for what matters.
  • Debt-free – Having control over your money instead of pre-promising it to people who are not your friends is way more fun.  Trust me.
  • On solar power – No pollution-producing power FTW.  Also, less noise pollution.  Boom.
  • Clothed in bamboo – It’s super soft, it doesn’t require loads of pesticides, it requires less water than cotton, and is naturally antimicrobial, meaning you can wash it less and it will not stink.  Did I mention it’s super soft?
  • Eating organic food – Sure, lots of people disagree with me on this one.  So maybe we should say some kinds of organic food.  But I certainly prefer the idea of not eating loads of chemicals in my veg.  Maybe it’s just me.
  • With Kindness – The world lives by a “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine” philosophy on kindness.  Be the first one to smile.
  • Generously – If you have surplus and see someone in need, pay it forward.
  • Small, Slowly, Mindfully –Different words for the same concept.  When you don’t take things for granted, they always seem better.

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