Thursday, December 29, 2016

Home Design Planning

List your rooms/spaces.

Identify the primary purpose for each room.

Kitchen: Food storage/preparation
Dining Room: Playing on Computers
Living Room: Using the TV
Bathroom: Pooing (Seriously, you probably spend more time on the toilet than you do in the shower.)/ Cleaning myself
Office: Feeding pets
Bedroom: Sleeping/Storing Clothes
Garage: Storing Car & Tools
Back Yard: Storing trees
Front Yard: Admiring House
Guest Room: Making guests sleep

List anything else you are doing or would like to be doing in each room.

Kitchen: Nope
Dining Room: Eating/Entertaining
Living Room: Nope
Bathroom: Nope
Office: Playing on computers
Bedroom: Nope
Garage: Nope
Back Yard: Hanging Out
Front Yard: Nope
Guest Room: Nope

Reasons I don’t do what I want in the rooms I want to do them in:

Dining Room: Computers are in the way
Office: It smells like lizard and cat; no comfortable place to play on computers
Back Yard: Bugs


Make Office not smell bad/be nice place to be on computers:

Add Screens to back porch.

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