Monday, February 20, 2017

The Expense of Minimalism

As soon as a movement appears its opposition starts picking it to pieces.  This is true of minimalism.  One of the recent arguments against minimalism is that it’s too expensive.  The most minimalist gadgets are far from affordable, so how can anyone possibly afford to be “truly” minimalist?

The truth is, there are some costs to minimalism.  But to help you navigate the financial requirements of being a minimalist, I have endeavored to collect a list of what you need to either purchase or already own to be minimalist.  Here goes.
  1. A bowl.  Minimalists do eat, so you do, in fact, need a piece of dinnerware in order to be a minimalist.  I picked up my bowls from the Dollar Tree before being gifted a dinnerware set for my wedding.  Or you can buy this tiny, $36 million bowl.  Either way, you can eat very well out of one bowl, as proven by Food Network’s article delineating 88 One-Bowl Dinners.
  2. A bed.  This one is probably up for debate, as there are minimalists who don’t own a bed.  However, owning a bed does not preclude you from being a minimalist.  In fact, my husband and I own a very expensive bed from Sleep Number.  But you aren’t required to own an expensive bed, either.  Joshua Fields Millburn, one of the two kings of minimalism, actually owns a bed, though I have no idea how much it cost him.
  3. Clothes.  This is another item that is up for debate.  MapMuse hosts lists of nudist colonies by state in the US.  However, in most cities and, indeed, countries, clothing is required to be worn in public by law.  Do you have to buy this really ugly minimalist dress for $3,410 from La Garconne?  No, thank God, you don’t.  You can take a page out of Jessi Arrington’s book and wear a different outfit every day, or you can wear the same 33 pieces over and over with Project 333.  Whether you choose to shop vintage, consignment, or designer, clothes are a basic necessity for nearly all minimalists.
  4. Transportation.  Yes, the Tesla is the car of choice for…well…just about everyone right now.  Especially since Elon Musk offered to cover all expenses to repair a car belonging to Manfred Kick, who damaged his Tesla to save another driver’s life.  Kudos to Mr. Kick.  However, you don’t have to spend $60,000-$100,000 on a car to be a minimalist.  Lots of us get around on our feet, a bicycle, public transportation, or even a fully-paid-for Toyota Corolla.

That about completes my list of what you really need to have to be a minimalist.  I recommend a few other items, like a toothbrush, deodorant of some sort, and maybe a backpack to carry your 15 things…bearing in mind of course that Andrew Hyde has only one of the four above items in his list of minimalist necessities.

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