Friday, February 24, 2017

Life Goals are Overrated

Forget your goals in life.  What is the best thing for you to do today?  It could be writing a blog, or just getting out of bed to go to work.  It could be setting aside a little time to spend with your spouse, or it could be taking the dog for a walk.  It could be learning to play the guitar, or it could be giving yourself a brain break and playing Guitar Hero for a couple hours.

I have struggled with goals lately because I've been feeling like I've achieved all of the really important ones.  Okay...there's one left but it's pretty close to happening, so it's at the 90% mark and I'm not stressing over it anymore.

I'm not stressing over it.  That may be the first time I've thought of my future in that phrasing.  In fact, it's a little scary to feel content with life as it is.  Is my life perfect?  Nope.  Am I in the middle of a big argument with my husband that we're still working through?  Yup.  Am I confident we'll come to a peaceful resolution?  Eventually.

There simply isn't anything in my life to be freaking out over right now.

I'm in a lull.  You know those moments you usually don't recognize until the next storm hits and you go, "Why is everything bad happening at once?!"  This is that moment.

So rather than searching for a new goal to freak out about, I'm going to take today and use it for today.  Sure, I'll get my gym time in, and I'll probably waste some hours this evening.  But those things are okay.  Because right now I'm recognizing that things are good and making the conscious decision to enjoy them for a little while.

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