Monday, January 2, 2017

30 Days of No Spending

I don’t struggle with a lot of impulse shopping, outside of eating out.  My husband and I spent $1,000 on food in a 30-day period between November and December.  That’s 1/5 of my trip cost to Patagonia.  This isn’t about a long-term spending fast.  It’s about being more aware of how much I spend eating out specifically, and buying things in general.

No, Lizard Boy is not required to participate.


  1. No restaurants.  No fast food, no slow food, no drive-thru, no gas station food.  No eating out.  Period.
  2. Shop for groceries when the pantry is empty.  No shopping for groceries because what I have doesn’t look as yummy as when I decided to buy it.
  3. No new “necessities.”  We have enough socks, underwear, shirts, jackets, hats, etc.  We don’t need anything that isn’t consumable in January.
  4. Practice gratitude.  Instead of fantasizing what it would be like to own something/go on a trip/give a gift, focus on being grateful for what I have, where I’ve been, and who is in my life.

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